Reducing our impact
on the environment

Scientists and policymakers largely agree that Africa’s population is more vulnerable to the effects of climate change when compared to many other regions globally. We believe the growth and success of any business should not come at the expense of the future of our planet.

One of the most significant ways business is shaping the world we live in is through energy use and its contribution to climate change.

VIVACOM primarily focuses on reducing our impact on the environment through attention to energy and climate, mobile and health, and reducing our resource use since these issues are material to us.

At present, our largest impact is driven by our energy use. We are actively pursuing various energy reduction & efficiency initiatives and are investing in renewable energy sources.


We strive to responsibly manage the use of natural resources, while keeping in mind the impacts of resource use on both people and the environment. To meet these objectives, we have defined several positions that guide us in operating in a environmentally responsible manner that has the least negative impacts.

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Electric fields are produced by voltage and magnetic fields…

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One of the most significant ways business is shaping the world…

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One of the largest areas of environmental impact by mobile…

Managing environmental resources responsibly


Energy and climate

As global demand for energy increases, the world continues to experience the impacts of climate change. VIVACOM recognises our role in this matter. It is important that we reduce our impact on the environment and on the societies in which we operate.VIVACOM continuously works to reduce our impacts by understanding our energy consumption and its drivers, extracting greater efficiencies and investing in renewable energy sources.


Environmental resources

Environmental resources are common goods that must be managed sustainably for the benefit of all people. As we operate in various geographic locales, we manage environmental resource and apply the precautionary principle in our use of natural resources. We work to remain compliant with all national laws and environmental regulations of the countries in which we operate while maintaining Group-wide and global standards.

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