We believe our future

depends on the sustainable

development of our communities

VIVACOM is a reputable, responsible and responsive corporate citizen, which fully appreciates the role and responsibility the company has towards its various stakeholders and the environment. A key deliverable of the Communications and Public Relations Department is to manage the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. VIVACOM   CSR targets several groups and organization, which we work with, in an effort to positively contribute to and change for the better, the lives of ordinary people. These include the following;

1.Provision of information communications technology (ICT) Resources and Equipment
As the leading telecommunications service provider, we are of the opinion that it is our responsibility to raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the internet . We recognize that ICT provides a golden opportunity for the rural communities to generate income, combat poverty, hunger, ill health and most important enhance literacy.
2.Vulnerable & Disadvantaged Groups , Especially Children
VIVACOM has taken a keen interest on the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups within our society. We look out for and consider carefully requests aiming at making positive change to this group’s lives.
3.Sporting Groups
VIVACOM is involved in an array of sporting activities and events many countries  in an effort to support sports and encourage exercise and healthy living in different countries.Sporting groups includes:

  • Netball Clubs
  • Soccer Clubs
  • Basketball Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs

4.Environmental NGO's
The sustainable use of the Environment is at the core of our CSR initiatives. We recognize the importance of protecting environmental values and we are committed to ensuring the protection of the environment. To this end, we proactively support groups and organizations that preserve the environment and advocate for the sustainable use of natural resources.

To reaffirm our commitment to quality of service VIVACOM is the leading  mobile operator in Africa confirmed for Quality Management Standards (ISO 9001: 2000) and Environmental Management Standards (ISO 14001: 2004). With this level of quality and environmental assurance, we continue to be our brand promise “Number 1 because of you” embracing, not only, the people who support us but also our collective performance and accountability towards the environment.

5.Cultural & Traditional Groups
VIVACOM actively supports traditional and cultural groups that aim at preserving our rich heritage and culture. We realize that dance, song and the arts are increasingly proving their potential in making a significant contribution to the improvement of the lives of young African people. Our support is further motivated by a realization of the importance of African  songs, dances and arts to Tourism, a key contributor to the economy.
6.VIVACOM Mobile Health(V-Health)

Access to health expertise should not be compromised by distance from urban and progressive facilities. In as much as VIVACOM feels the obligation to bridge the rural urban divide in terms of access to telecommunications, it is only natural that this extends to other sectors and specifically health, thus VIVACOM’s interest m-health. Through the VIVACOM V-Health initiative we are addressing the need to strengthen the health care system and to ensure that Africa is a healthy nation so that its citizens can contribute meaningfully to the country’s development.

CSR Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria/Process

To ensure compliance to a high code of ethics, a sponsorship evaluation criteria process is used to ensure that the sponsorships and donations we provide add value to the target groups. This process further ensures that our contribution addresses especially the socio-economic challenges faced by the various groups in a coordinated and structured manner. This way we have a check and balance that reassures us that indeed our contribution addresses the greater good.

The criteria/process evaluates the following:

  • – Fit to the strategic intent (as outlined above)
  • – Opportunity to create long term and real value
  • – Positive exposure for VIVACOM brand
  • – Potential for long term and sustainable partnership
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