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VIVACOM Holdings International Limited (trading as VIVACOM ) is a diversified African mobile telecommunications, technology and digital  solutions company in pursuit of a vision to be the Next Generation Digital Champion by 2025.We strive to provide world-class communication services using the most advanced technology available. And our ambition doesn’t stop there. With a strong presence all across the African region.VIVACOM  is also committed to improving lives in our operating countries.

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We are the backbone of African mobile connectivity. We currently have operational offices in 6 African countries and provide fixed and mobile ICT network solutions, satellite connectivity and infrastructure in more than 22 countries – connecting Africa from the West to the East coast. But that’s just the beginning, as an ever-growing business, our ambition is to cover Africa – connecting us to each other, and to the world.

When connectivity is a necessity, reliability is a non-negotiable. At VIVACOM we own the service journey from infrastructure to Mobile Network or ISP, allowing us to be your end-to-end, single-point service solution. We provide the backbone for your success, as well as the last-mile connectivity you need.


Your connection to high-speed success.

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Isn’t it time your business enjoyed bullet-fast connectivity? Fiber, with high- speed access and reliable connectivity, will give your business the heavy-hitting connectivity it needs to stay ahead in a competitive world.

Mobile Voice

Connecting friends and families with clear and reliable voice services.

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The mobile voice business line comprises pre- and post-paid wireless voice services, international roaming as well as fixed-line telephone services.

The mobile voice business line is the largest component of the Group’s revenue.

Mobile Data

Mobile data at the speed of light.

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VIVACOM Africa’s mobile data business line comprises data communications services, including 2G, 3G and, increasingly, 4G data services, and other value-added services for mobile subscribers.


Financial transactions – where and when you need it.

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VIVACOM Money is an increasingly important part of the Group’s service offerings. The VIVACOM Money business line comprises a mobile commerce service that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through customers’ mobile devices. Working in partnership with local financial institutions, this service enables VIVACOM Money customers to send and receive money and to make payments for utility bills and, in certain countries, to pay for goods and services, to de-posit and withdraw funds through a linked bank account, to make card-less withdrawals from partnered ATMs and to access microloans, which are facilitated by the Group and accessible through its mobile network in partnership with third-party loan providers. VIVACOM Money services are available across the Group’s footprint.
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