Company overview

VIVACOM is a diversified African mobile telecommunications, technology and digital solutions company in pursuit of a vision to be the Next Generation Digital Champion by 2025.VIVACOM aims to transform itself from a holding entity with a portfolio of pure-play mobile assets into a Triple Core Strategy-driven business focusing on Digital Telco, Digital Businesses and Infrastructure.VIVACOM strives to provide world-class communication services using the most advanced technology available. And our ambition doesn’t stop there. With a strong presence all across the African region, VIVACOM is also committed to improving lives in our operating countries.We are advancing Africa, one step a time.


Our mission is to build mobile network base stations serving rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa which have no existing service, providing existing licensed mobile network operators with a capex-free route to add new subscribers and new revenues and with incremental costs which deliver guaranteed operating profits – and with sufficient population to deliver positive operating profits and cash flows for our shareholders.


The vision of VIVACOM is a fully-connected Africa, with no community of any significant size being without basic telecommunications services to deliver social, economic, educational and other benefits to the population – achieved through the construction of many tens of thousands of new mobile network base stations.


VIVACOM is a commercial company with a primary responsibility to deliver value to its shareholders. At the same time, VIVACOM is proud to do so through business activities which have a significant positive social and economic impact on the communities we serve. VIVACOM has set out five core principles which guide our decision-making processes in everything we do.

VIVACOM aims to conduct itself with all parties and at all times

with Integrity – being honest with all parties at all times, and having strong moral principles

Ethically – following the generally-accepted principles of what is right and what is wrong

Fairly – being just and even-handed in our approach with all parties

Trusted – being relied upon to do what we say and in the right way

Legally – abiding by all the laws of the countries in which we operate and all those with which ourselves, our suppliers and our customers are affiliated

Code of conduct

VIVACOM has a code of conduct which aims to apply our five core values to all of our activities, and to ensure that all of our stakeholders benefit from it.

Specifically, those stakeholders include

Our customers, the mobile operators

Our service users, the customer’s subscribers

Our shareholders, that have invested their money and trust in our business

Our employees, in each country and in whatever role they perform, regardless of colour, religion, gender or ability

Our suppliers, that allow us to deliver our services

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